About Let 'em Swim


I have heard that some of the best inventions come from people trying to solve their own problem.  This is certainly the case with the Let 'em Swim Net.  The water that I fish primarily is all catch and release for Westslope Cutthroat Trout.  Even when following good catch and release practices, I still had occasions where the fish was a little more active, and did not cooperate with my attempts to release it unharmed.  I know that in these occasions the fish was injured and probably died after release.  This was not acceptable to me, I wanted to find a way to reduce my own mortality rate, so I began exploring the concept that has now become The Let 'em SwimNet.  What I found was once the fish was in the water retained in the net, it relaxed and I could clearly see it was still processing oxygen.  I have netted many dozen fish with the net, and have not had to revive a single one.  Every fish darts out of the net with vigor.  Just to be clear, I am not opposed to keeping fish when the regulations allow, but rather, I want to help fisherman who practice catch and release, for whatever reason, to reduce the injury and mortality of fish that they catch.  When a fish is being handled and manipulated their response is to struggle, which creates an even greater oxygen deficit.  When held in the Let 'em Swim™ Net, they relax and catch their breath.  Removing the hook is simple and you actually get a better look at the fish, in its natural environment, the water.  My hope is that by using this net, my fellow anglers can continue to enjoy catch and release fishing, while being confident that they are doing everything they can to insure the survival of the fish after release.  Thank you and tight lines.         Karl Webber